Falcon Breeding

Bienvenido al Centro de Cría José Manuel Sacristán

I invite you to see some of the birds in this modest breeding centre based near Madrid. This project, which has arisen out of 20 years of practicing falconry, has given me the opportunity to establish breeding and selection programmes to develop birds with good attitudes and morphology for hunting which today’s Falconer demands. There is no greater satisfaction than sharing with other falconers the birds which I select and breed with so much dedication.

After practicing ground flying and hawking, both exciting modes to me, the fact is that my heart soars every time I see a falcon making a dive from several hundred meters up above its prey.

For that reason, when I decided to try breeding in captivity, and although I’ve also bred low flight birds of prey (Harris), my main interest was the breeding of peregrine falcons,  giving me the satisfaction of hunting  partridges, ducks…. with a bird born in my house.

Breeding in captivity requires lots of dedication, patience, humbleness as well as constant learning. Observation, experience and the use of knowledge provided by other prestigious breeders, falconers and scientists, gave me the key to carry out the selection of a couple of Falco peregrinus brookei and establish a protocol which resulted in  successfully producing a consolidated couple that breeds by natural copulation.

Besides F. peregrinus brookei, currently we breed F. peregrinus pealei and Scottish. We wish to share with you some images of my specimens as well as some days in the countryside.

I remain at your disposal for any inquiry or advice. Many thanks for your visit and happy hunting!

Natural breeding pair (Brookei)

Pair of Falcon peregrinus brookei that breeds by natural way.

Dulcinea y Quijote