System of breeding

Natural breeding

The parents will feed the chicks until they are fully developed and ready to leave their coop, without having any contact with humans.
Imprinting Watch video of mating hawks, Dulcinea and Quixote Watch video of peregrine falcons feeding their young


Imprinting is carried out in various ways:

- Individual imprinting: raising a chick without contact with others of their own species, knowing only man and his environment. In these cases, for proper socialization the chicks become part of my family environment. However, many falconers prefer to perform the imprinting of the hawk themselves.  (who fly later.?) .

- Group mprinting (social):a group of chicks is fed and kept by humans without losing contact with their kind. Therefore the chicks grow socialized with both its kind and with humans.

- Dual Imprinting: the chicks are raised and fed by one of their kind who in due will also be imprinted whilst maintaining simultaneous contact with humans.

It involves adopting selection criteria, and testing the hunting behavioura.